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Concert Audio

Flying Rig
PA Rigs for Hire
Cummunity Hire Rig

In addition to various managed and unmanaged PA rigs for hire for indoor and outdoor events we own a large Managed Community PA Rig (up to 48000 Watts RMS) for indoor and outdoor events.

Our Community flying rig comes complete with scaffolding, equipment platforms, canvas covers, staging, a lighting rig with trusses and AV and can cover events ranging from large open air music festivals, Imbezo's (Government meetings with people), Fashion Shows, Trade Shows, Gospel and Corporate Events to any large outdoor or indoor event.

We evaluate every site and undertake to discuss all your requirements with you well in advance. We optimize the system for every event, we deliver, erect and manage it for the duration and dismantle it upon completion.

Professional Consultation & Acoustic Measurement

We consult on a wide basis for professional audio installations, speaker placement and installation and our knowledge is widely sought in challenging audio environments. We will perform acoustic measurements and provide solutions for optimizing new and existing audio installation to achieve optimum audio performance.

Specialized Computers for the Audio Recording Environment
Recording Computers

We build high standard Microsoft based PC’s for recording studios that are very demanding in terms of performance. We can provide, install and configure a wide variety of sound cards and peripherals depending on the number of channels required.

We have a knowledge base of a wide variety of Audio Recording software solutions such as Sonar and Cubase. We will put the entire system together including multi-monitor setups and monitor speakers.

We offer up to 32 channel digital live recordings at any events that can be further mixed down and mastered at an associated recording studio. These audio recordings can be accompanied by video recording with associated professionals to provide end products such as DVD’s of an event.

For our digital recording we utilize a state of the art PC with a 32 channel RME Raydat sound card coupled to a digital snake and split to obtain a ‘dry” recording of every channel. This recording is taken to the recording studio  (KAM Studios – associate) for mix down and mastering.

Tell us what you would like to do and we'll build it for you!

Concert Audio is BEE compliant and we are listed on the DTI website with BEE reference No. BEE8696360

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